Believe Workshop at Smithview Pavilion

You know how you have one of those experiences that changes everything? Well, this was one of those! We went to the Believe Workshop hosted at the beautiful Smithview Pavilion. Our day was spent with some of the best in the industry filling our heads with so much goodness it was hard to take. Kathleen and Joe from JoPhoto gave us so many tips about SEO, lighting, and marketing that we began to wonder how we had ever even been discovered, and if what success we have had, has happened purely by accident. Then Kristin from KLP Photography allowed us to see how we needed to and were really ready to rebrand ourselves. We want to reach the clients that want us and that match us. Casey with Nicholas and Keaton Videography finished up by filling us in on how we can better sell our product. It was both insightful and hilarious – and if you know us, you know we like hilarious.
I know, I know, now you’re asking how it changed everything? Well…what do you think about this blog? We are also getting ready to rebrand ourselves and make all the aspects of Jayson Mullen Design and Photography flow like they should.
So, what can I tell you. We look up to these folks. They are at the top of their game and only getting better and it is something we strive to do as well. I can’t thank them and the beautiful Smithview Pavilion enough for letting us hang out and learn. I mean, not only did we get a ton of knowledge, but it was like a mini vacation without the kiddos there. Check out some of the awesome shots we got while working with these amazing photographers top notch people and as we look into our future, remember what my friend Jack Handy says. “When you’re riding a time machine way far into the future, don’t stick your elbow out of the window or it will turn into a fossil.”



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