Lions, and Tigers and Bears – Oh Columbia! (No lions, tigers or bears were shot during this blog.)

So last week was spring break for Amanda, and I was lucky enough to take a couple of days off with her and do some traveling. We headed down to see my father-in-law and brother-in-law in Columbia, South Carolina. We had the best time! Cooper loves going to Pop’s house and the babies had a blast as well. If you know Pop, you know that he loves to tell stories. So Cooper came home believing that giant lions live next door (really 2 large chows), monkey dogs live in the woods (not sure what a monkey dog is), and that there is a rhino that lives down the street (no). Imaginations of a two year old and stories from grandfathers are some of life’s most precious moments.
Uncle David, Cooper and I even got to take a trip to Riverbanks Zoo! Cooper’s dream of becoming a cowboy came true with a pony ride. Let me tell you – the BEST five dollars I have ever spent. He loved the zoo, except for the giraffes. Seeing those up close literally made him try to crawl inside Uncle David’s ear. It was a lot of fun!
I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our lives and our trip. We are beyond blessed!
Knoxville-wedding-Photography-family-photog_0013Knoxville-wedding-Photography-family-photog_0001Cooper even managed to wrangle up a couple of high school girls to look at the sharks with him. “Hey, there girls! Have you ever seen a shark? Come over here!”


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