Jayson Mullen has been a designer and photographer since 1999. He spent many years working primarily in design when he began to travel. After seeing all of the beautiful and wonderful sites around the globe, he was inspired to add photography to his business.

Jayson enjoys taking pictures in an environmental setting and will come to any location to make the pictures become perfect memories. Jayson edits all the photos himself so he understands the depth of every photo. Whether it is a wedding or just a day out with the family Jayson enjoys being able to capture the perfect moment with the perfect picture.

Jayson can also meet all your design needs including all aspects of advertisement. Jayson has worked with large and small companies and successfully produced quality products for each. His skills include website design, complete image creation including letterhead, logo and business cards, multipage documents, flyers, brochures and even t-shirts. He is sure to meet all your design needs. As a graphic designer Jayson takes on the role of problem solver. He will find a way to solve your company’s design problems.

Because he can’t be everywhere at once he enjoys working with his partner and wife. Amanda Mullen became a photographer when her husband’s passion for photography became an important part of their life together. Because of their wonderful relationship with each other, they are even better as a photography team. They understand each other’s styles, therefore they complement and do not copy each other. Having Amanda take pictures along with Jayson assures you that there will not be a moment missed for your special occasion.


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